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Benefits of Using SaraciseLink

Why you should be using SaraciseLink

Easy To Learn

SaraciseLink is feature rich, but we've also made our service easy to use and learn. As part of your account setup, we offer a comprehensive training session to all of our customers and answer any questions they have. When questions do arise, we are always available to provide a quick answer and complete product support. We go out of our way to make sure you're comfortable using our software!

Fantastic Support

Included as part of your monthly subscription is comprehensive technical support through a number of direct support options. Telephone, e-mail and online options are all available to our customers. When you do have a question or need support and need to contact us, we're friendly, listen to your concerns and offer helpful solutions.

Easy Setup

Getting started is quick and easy! Simply fill complete our short registration form on our Sign Up page and you will be contacted shortly by one of our representatives. We begin the setup process by walking through the process with you, asking questions and customizing your account. After only a few minutes, you'll be able to begin using SaraciseLink!

Organize Your Records

Stop using Post-It notes, scraps of paper or napkins to keep track of client records and notes. Use SaraciseLink to record and organize all client information and keep in a secured, centralized location accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

It's a Hosted Service

SaraciseLink is hosted software - which means that there is no software to download, hardware to install or data backups to worry about. You can access your account wherever you have an Internet connection; your home, office, on the road or even your local coffee shop.

There are a number of other benefits of using hosted software:

  • Data Backup
    We've all experienced a computer problem in the past where our computer was down for a day, a week or even longer. You might have even had a hard drive crash and you've lost some or all of your valuable information.

    We handle data backup and storage for you! All your important client information, records and more is stored on our server and backed up each night!
  • Upgrades
    When we develop new features or make enhancements there are no upgrades for you to download or install on your computer - they're applied to your account instantly! With our hosted software, you don't have to worry about using the latest version of the software.

Use A Tool Made For Your Industry

Most personal trainers and fitness facilities use software programs like spreadsheets, simple databases or even hand write paper records to perform all of their client management. Unlike those solutions, experienced fitness professionals created SaraciseLink for your fitness-based business and we've used our experience to create a solution specifically tailored to your business based on your needs.

Integrates with Your Website

If you have an existing website, SaraciseLink can easily integrate with your site so that your customers can easily log in and access their personal diet and nutrition logs, use the weight tracker, ask questions and more.

Connect With Your Clients

Using their account, your customers can ask you questions related to fitness, nutrition and more while logged into their account. In addition, SaraciseLink also gives you the ability to generate and send e-mail newsletters to your clients.

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