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Integrated support and support ticket system. Multiple support options.
In addition to the three technical support options, support options are integrated within the software. When you log in, you will see options for Support Tickets, FAQ's and Tips & Tricks, which provide more guided and self-help options.

Clean, well organized interface and layout.
You will find that the SaraciseLink interface and layout is well thought out and easy to use. We constantly update and tweak our interface to make it as user friendly as possible.

Because the SaraciseLink layout is easy-to-use, you will find it easy to learn as well.

Compatibility With Your Computer
SaraciseLink will work on almost any modern computer. Technical requirements are a modern web browsers (including Internet Explorer 5.5+, FireFox 1.0, Netscape 7.0+ and Opera) and operating system (Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and 2003, Apple OS 9 and OS X).


Create, Update and Manage Customer Information and Records. Update User Accounts and Passwords
Using SaraciseLink, you can create, store, manage and edit your customer information. Our system makes it simple to maintain an up-to-date database of client information and associate that data with client results and workout plans.

Along with basic client information, you're able to associate notes, sessions, client goals, workouts and more with the client's record.

Search Customer Records
Once you've begun building your client database, it's easy to search within that database for a specific customer record or piece of specific client information. With one click, you can bring up a listing of client records or search through all of your clients.

View Customer Reports
Use our client reporting screens to quickly learn where your clients live, how they've heard about your services or facility and much more. All reports are available in printer friendly format for easy printing.

Unlike reports generated by competing software products, our reports are easy to generate and easy to utilize. Simply click on the link of the report you'd like to view and that's it. There are no special codes to enter or reports to create; all the reports we've created are only one click away.

Create and Assign Fitness Programs
Create customized fitness programs for each client. The fitness program creator is flexible and allows for assignment of varying types of activities and program notes. Clients have access to approved fitness programs through their accounts.

Track Member Sessions and Session History
It's easy to lose track of when you've met with a client, how long a session lasted and even whether or not you were paid for your services. Our session management tool allows you create and manage records of your client sessions and associate them with each client. You can quickly see how many sessions you've conducted with a client over the past month, year, etc. and read any notes or details pertaining to those sessions.

Track Session Billing & Receipts
In conjunction with our session tracking and history by client features, you also have the option of tracking receipts of payment and looking at totals earned by month, year or even by client. The feature serves as a great way to quickly learn how well you've done and how that compares with historical record.

Record Member Notes
As a replacement to handwritten notes describing a client interaction, session, progress or goal, you can store all that information within the SaraciseLink system and easily associate the information with the client. The member notes feature makes a great alternative to keeping post-it notes, printouts or even a written journal with notes about clients.

Access Customer Exercise & Nutrition Logs
As a personal trainer, it helps to know what your clients are doing in between sessions and workouts. Access to that information serves as a way for you to answer a number of questions: Is the client following your recommendations? Are they seeing results? Where are they running into trouble? etc.

As they fill out their online exercise and nutrition logs, you'll have access to review those logs and make recommendations directly to your client.

Manage Client Health Issues or Difficulties
When you have multiple clients, it can be difficult to keep track of each users personal health and any issues which might affect your training sessions. Utilizing the Health Issue Management feature within SaraciseLink will help you to refer back and plan training sessions accordingly.

Create Exercises
Do you have unique names for exercises you use? Have you created your own exercises or stretches? Using SaraciseLink, you can create those unique activities as items that can be assigned to your clients fitness programs.

Exercise Equipment List
Keep track of what equipment your clients own so that you can tailor your workouts and training sessions to best utilize that equipment. You might also refer to the equipment listing to make recommendations when new products come on the market.

Create and Send Newsletters
Reach out to clients and newsletter subscribers by creating and distributing an e-mail newsletter using SaraciseLink. As part of the service, we create an e-mail template for you to which is customized for unique to your business. From that point, you can send well-designed e-mail newsletters containing both text and graphics to your subscribers.

The newsletter feature integrates with your customer accounts and website, so that users who log onto your website may also choose to subscribe to your newsletter.

Customer Activity Report
The activity report provides you with a quick listing of who has (or hasn't) been using their account to record an exercise log, nutrition log or other options. You can also view a clients record individually to see if they've been actively using their account or not.

Answer Customer Questions
Within their account, your clients have the option to ask you questions directly through a simple web form called "Ask Us", you will receive an e-mail alert each time a user asks a question. From within your administrator account, you can respond directly to those questions and provide your client with quick answers to their health and fitness related questions.

What's more, each of these questions is archived and stored with each client record. You can use these stored records to learn where your clients are having trouble with their workouts and going forward how you might address those questions before they arise.

Create, View and Manage Client Goals
With a large client roster or as your roster grows, it becomes easier to lose track of your clients' individual goals. Within each client record, we offer the ability to specifically track your clients goals, details, the status of that goal and when the client hopes to accomplish it.

The goal sheet is available in printer friendly format by client, which allows you to quickly print a personalized client goal sheet before a client session as a refresher for both yourself and the client.

Client Account Maintenance
After logging in, clients have the ability to edit their own accounts, reset passwords and update any other account information.

Create Multiple Administrators
As a fitness facility manager or gym owner, you may employ several personal trainers and want to give each person their own administrative account and access to specific client records. With SaraciseLink, you can! Each employee and trainer can have their own unique username and password and access their account from home, the office or at any other location with an Internet connection.

Clients and their records can be assigned to a specific trainer or an entire company, giving managers the ability to delegate authority of particular accounts or only allow specific trainers and staff to access appropriate records.

Upload Your Company Logo
You may be wary of using a product with a SaraciseLink branding appended to it, however, with SaraciseLink you can customize the look and feel of the customer accounts area. So much so that you've customers are going to think you've spent a lot of money to build your own software!


Diet and Nutrition Log Calendars
Client accounts use color-coded exercise and nutrition log calendars, which uses colors to show clients when they've had good or bad days relating to their nutrition and exercise activity. The calendar helps users spot trends in their habits and be able to make changes to their behavior whether it be exercise or nutrition related.

As clients continue to use their accounts and record their activities, the calendars become more and more helpful as measures of success. Clients can log in each day and record their nutritional or physical activity or can log in on a less frequent basis and record historical information.

Record and Maintain a Personal Nutrition log
Our client nutrition log feature gives your clients the ability to record their daily diet and record their own thoughts on how they've done on that day. The nutrition log system is designed to be flexible and allow each of your clients to use the system in whichever way works best for them.

Record and Maintain a Personal Exercise log
Within their accounts, clients can use an exercise log to keep track of their exercise related activity on a daily basis. Each log entry can be given its own rating and personal notes that can provide more in depth information about an entry. Activities can be both timed (e.g. Brisk walking - 1 hour) or set based (e.g: 10 Bicep Curls - 10 lb.).

Assign "mood" or personal rating to each log entry
A log entries mood, as indicated by a smiley icon, is generated for each entry after the user saves the record. When displayed in a listing by month, a listing of smiling faces and frowns show a user how well they think of their own performance over the course of a month.

Utilize personal weight log to record and track weight loss over time
At any point, a user may choose to record their weight in the weight log as a measure of weight loss (or muscle gain). The saved activities can be viewed in chart format for easy viewing.

Track Body Mass Index Automatically
Using the standard Body Mass Index formula, a user's BMI is generated and logged each time they complete an entry in their personal weight logs.

Create Personal Workout templates
Most people have specific workout routines that they use each time they exercise and our exercise log allows users to create "templates" of their workout and exercise routines. With one click, a user an apply a template and have created a workout for themselves, leaving only the data-fill in remaining.

Receive workout suggestions and advice directly from assigned personal trainer or coach.
As an administrator, you can directly view and comment on your clients exercise logs and recent sessions through your account. The feedback you provide to your clients can be extremely valuable.

Fitness and Exercise Tips
We've created, and continue to update a set of fitness and exercise tips that display throughout the customer account area. Customers can search and easily print tip sheets that give details and information on specific topics related to fitness and exercise.

Optional daily log reminders by e-mail
Your users have the option to choose to receive daily fitness log and nutrition log reminders by e-mail. The reminders are a helpful way of reminding users to log into their accounts and update their nutrition and exercise logs on a daily basis.

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