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Features: Managing Clients

Improve your business by improving the way you handle client data

How Client Management features from SaraciseLink can help your business?

When it comes to developing strong relationships between your business and your clients, the more information and services you can deliver, the better your relationship is likely to be. It's simple - with more information on hand, you can serve your customers better.

As a trainer, you and your staff are faced with numerous questions and can make any number of recommendations based on information at hand.

Using SaraciseLink, you can deliver better training services to your clients by utilizing a comprehensive member database, collecting and intelligently storing more client based data and by having constant access to that information in a number of formats from any location with an Internet location.

Simply put, SaraciseLink is designed to make your business more effective at what it does.

Getting Clients to Goal

By organizing data by client (notes, sessions, logs, etc.), over time you are going to learn a tremendous amount about how the client has progressed, plan future fitness goals and can begin to make plans to helping them achieve their goals.

With SaraciseLink, you're going to be directly connecting with your clients through online accounts. Your clients can use their own accounts to record exercise and nutrition logs, access fitness programs, track their weight and ask you questions related to their training.

Spot Marketing Trends

Using our standard client reports, you can begin to learn about what types of customers your business is attracting and continue focusing on that market or look into expansion. You will quickly learn what methods of marketing are effective and which other methods may need to be re-evaluated.

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