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Taking Notes on Sessions

After conducting a training session with a client, we recommend that you take notes on the sessions as quickly as possible after it's completion. If you don't have access to your computer immediately after the session, you can always use a notepad to write down your immediate thoughts and feedback. Those notes and session information provide a great insight to your thoughts immediately after a session has ended and are a great reference point for the future.

After the session has ended and you have some time, perhaps at the end of the day, fill out the session form for the clients record. With time, you can elaborate on your notes and completed session information to create a useful log entry.

Using Personal Training Session Notes

Before meeting with a client for a scheduled session, take a moment to review or even print your previous sessions with that client. To make the printing less of a chore, you could even take your list of appointments scheduled for that day and print out the entire list in the morning rather than immediately before the session begins.

By printing the notes, you have a record of previous sessions and information to show a client if they have a question relating to a previous session. The printouts will give you something to refer to as well as greater knowledge of the clients' background.

Bonus: The printouts show the client just how much you prepare and organize before each scheduled session.

Promoting Member Accounts

One of the most common questions from gym owners and managers relates to how they can best let their members know about the existence of the SaraciseLink service. Typically, they want to know how they can go about promoting the accounts to their existing members.

We recommend the following options:

  • Handouts
    You can hand out a flyer explaining the new offering, how they can sign up and other details.
  • Bulletin Boards
    Many gyms utilize bulletin boards for all kinds of promotions so you should make sure you tack up information on creating an account on your website.
  • Talk About It
    Have your instructors make mention of the accounts at the end of the clients and be prepared to respond to questions. Front desk staff can inform clients of the options available when entering or leaving the gym. Lastly during sessions with clients, you can be sure to encourage the client to utilize their account.

Creating Accounts on Registration

We recommend creating an account for your members when they sign up for a gym or facility membership or begin training. Basically, whenever the individual begins using your services, whether it be as a gym member or a personal training client, you can log into the administration area and create the user's account.

When creating the account, you may have login details (username and password) sent to the user by e-mail. As a result, you can create accounts for new members and then have the account login information sent to the user with instructions on how to log in, change their password, etc. Before creating an account for a user, we recommend that you ask them to select a unique username rather than selecting one.

Demonstrations and Events

Demonstrations and events are usually a great way to meet new people, promote your business to potential customers. Typically, if you only have a handout or freebie, like a pen, business card or flyer, it doesn't make much of an impact.

If you want to stand out, offer to create online accounts with exercise log, nutrition log and other options instead of a typical freebie. Once you can capture information on that prospective customer and begin a conversation within their account, the likelihood of that individual becoming a customer has greatly increased.

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