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Top 10 Reasons to Use SaraciseLink

SaraciseLink can do great things for your business
Just like David Letterman does each night on the Late Show, we've created our own top-ten list. So, without further delay…

Our Top Ten Reasons why your personal training business, gym or fitness facility should start using SaraciseLink!

1. Low Cost and No Commitment

We offer our service at a low monthly subscription rate. Compared with other solutions that cost in the hundreds of dollars - it's a great deal! Furthermore, the cost is predictable, you know each month exactly how much you've spent on your SaraciseLink subscription.

You can use SaraciseLink on a month-to-month basis and can cancel anytime. Try us for 30-days before any charges will show on your credit card.

2. No Software or Hardware!

Installing software is a pain in the neck, especially if it doesn't work. Installing hardware is even worse. To use SaraciseLink, simply log in using your web browser and Internet connection and you're off and running! Remember, because SaraciseLink is hosted software, you can access SaraciseLink from anywhere!

3. You're Always Current

Whenever a new version of SaraciseLink is released, feature created or enhancement made - you get upgraded automatically.

And charges for those upgrades? They're free! With your SaraciseLink subscription all upgrades are included within your standard monthly rate.

4. Peace of Mind: Data is Backed up

Your data is safe with our nightly backups! Unlike other products that store data only on your computer - with SaraciseLink, all data from your account is stored remotely on our servers. Storing data on a single computer is risky; viruses and hard drive crashed can wipe out your customer information. Our web-based or hosted software means your safe from all those headaches.

5. Improve Customer Retention & Acquisition

Providing daily exercise logs, nutrition logs and more is going to impress both current and prospective customers. Those tools and services help to boost your customer retention and communication. Each time a client logs into their account, they're utilizing your business' services and are seeing a positive benefit from using the service.

6. Make It Yours

Customize SaraciseLink for your business by uploading your company logo and by integrating the software with your existing website. Your clients will be impressed with your company's new online tool and service packaging. We make integration painless, by walking you through the entire process.

7. No More Post-Its: Getting Organized

Imagine having all of your active and archived client data in a single location and imagine if that data was well organized and structured just as you'd like… that's SaraciseLink! We want you to be able to stop using Post-It Notes, stray pieces of paper and whatever else to jot down contact details, notes and other information.

8. Help When You Need It

When you need help using SaraciseLink, we're here for you. Whether by phone, e-mail or online, we'll do what it takes to answer your questions and provide prompt resolutions. Oh, and we're actually helpful on the phone and are make a point of really listening to our customers.

9. Offer More Services

Get an important advantage over your competition by being able to offer online services, exercise logs, nutrition log and weight tracker directly to your clients. If you want, you can even charge your clients additional monthly fees for those services. SaraciseLink customer tools are a great way to boost your client retention and attract new clients!

10. Simple, Easy To Learn

We started by thinking of our own experiences in the fitness industry and created software that we thought we would like to use. Since that point, we've incorporated feedback from fitness professionals at all levels and remain committed to offering software that's great at what it does and is easy to use effectively.


If you have questions about any of our Top Ten list or want more details on SaraciseLink features, please contact us or visit our features page for more information.

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